Palette customer Sportmaster


Sportmaster automates its purchase to pay process with Palette

René Faurskov, Finance Manager Sportmaster says:

”Palette’s solutions enable us to manage those invoices through a single source, which has streamlined our workflows, as we continue to improve them”

The challenge

While updating their previous outdated ERP system, the time was right for SPORTMASTER to implement a new purchase-to-pay solution that would seamlessly integrate with its other business systems and streamline their invoice and purchasing processes. Palette’s modular P2P solution enabled SPORTMASTER to meet their needs and offered the flexibility to cater to future demands. Furthermore Palette was able to deliver the implementation in balanced phases to match the roll-out of the new ERP solution.

Solutions in use

SPORTMASTER implemented PaletteArena including PaletteInvoice with incoming e-invoices, PaletteOrdermatching, PaletteContract and PaletteMobile. Palette’s solutions are easily integrated into ERPsystems. With SPORTMASTER deploying the latest version of the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution, Palette had to develop a new, bespoke integration for SPORTMASTER, which was successfully delivered.

PaletteOrdermatching drives efficiency

”PaletteOrdermatching can efficiently match Purchase Orders to invoices, and it’s easy to set rules for any variances. The required human input is minimal, and very simple. Thanks to PaletteArena, we are now able to manage PO invoices in a nearly fully automated manner. As the largest sports retail chain in Denmark, we receive electronic invoices directly from top brands such as Nike, Adidas, Hummel and Select to supply our 100 brick-and-mortar stores. Additionally, PaletteContract helps us to stay in control of recurring invoices, managing them automatically. Palette’s solutions enable us to manage those invoices through a single source, which has streamlined our workflows, as we continue to improve our workflows,” says Rene Faurskov, Finance Manager, SPORTMASTER.

Help is always at hand

Since we were integrating Palette’s solutions at the same time as our new ERP system, we wanted to test every facet of the modules we had selected. We quickly became very active users and approached Palette with a host of questions as we implemented the solution. Palette quickly helped us refine our use of each module for peak efficiency, and support is always available. This gave us peace of mind and enhanced the whole user experience around the solution, while helping us to get up and running quickly and smoothly. Furthermore Palette always ensures consultants to help us continuously add new users of PaletteArena,” comments Rene Faurskov, Finance Manager, SPORTMASTER.

Stay on the ball with PaletteMobile & PaletteContract

With busy stores around Denmark, SPORTMASTER needed a way to enable managers in each store accept and fulfil incoming invoices without having to boot up the PC in the back office. Now, with the recent implementation of PaletteMobile, managers can process orders and invoices smoothly and efficiently without leaving the shop floor, leaving more time to dedicate to customers.


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Founded in 1979, SPORTMASTER is Denmark’s leading chain of sporting goods retailers. With around 100 shops, a fastgrowing internet store and approximately 400 employees across Denmark, SPORTMASTER has a strong concept and a nationwide network of stores.

Kunde: Sport Danmark A/S (SPORTMASTER)
Bransje: Retail
Område: Denmark
ERP: Dynamics AX2012 R3
Antall fakturaer: 60 000
Antal ansatte: ca 400
Fremgangsmåter som automatiseres med Palette: Invoice processing, incoming e-invoices, contracts, ordermatching and mobile approval