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Things to consider before a successful implementation

Mr Göran Ohre is a Senior Project Manager at Palette with more than 14 years of experience of Procuce to Pay (P2P) and Accounts Payable (AP) automation solutions. In this blog post he shares his thoughts related to the implementation of our product suite PaletteArena.

Enable a rapid implementation

Every implementation project is initiated by a start-up meeting, where scope, time frame and need of resources are established.

“Customers often wish for a rapid implementation with a go live date in the near future. For us at Palette, this is rarely a problem”, says Göran Ohre. “It is good to remember though that implementation of a P2P or AP automation software requires specialist resources also from the customer’s side”, he continues.

Assign a competent project team

It is important to assign a dedicated project team from your organization, consisting of a project manager with expert knowledge of the company’s financial processes in general, and accounts payable processes in particular. A few more persons from the financial and/or AP departments may be needed during the test period, depending on the size of the company.

The customer’s project manager is responsible for configuration of the solution, which includes setting up the approval flows. This person will also be in charge of the final testing of the product – with support and guidance from Palette.

Palette will guide you through the entire process

Already before the start-up meeting, Palette appoints a certain number of consultants and other resources from its organization. When implementing PaletteArena, an IT-technician, an application consultant and a developer are generally connected to the project.

The IT-technician is involved during the installation of the software, whereas the application consultant has a broad and very important role throughout the entire project. The need of a developer depends much on the identified customer specific adaptations that have to be realized.

At Palette, we offer initial education to the customer’s project team. This may be held before the software implementation starts, in order to speed up the project. After initial training, the application consultant from Palette supports the local project manager with further training and support during the configuration and testing periods. After the implementation he or she can assist with user training, in case this extra service is ordered.

Support from Palette after Go Live

PaletteArena is a proven solution and Palette has a long track record of successful implementation projects. The vast majority of the projects are finalized within the planned time frame and the go live processes end with good results.

«The project team from Palette supports the customer throughout the go live process until there is proof of well-functioning approval flows. This usually takes 3-6 weeks from go live date – time corresponding to the management of an invoice from reception, scanning, through the established approval flow and transfer to the ERP system for payment”, explains Göran Ohre.

In order to support the customers and ensure that the transformation to new system and processes is secure, the implementation team from Palette remains available for the customer until all parts of the system are used by the customer’s organization.

Customer evaluation and future support

During the final project meeting, the customer is asked to evaluate the project team from Palette. These evaluations are monitored in detail at management level within Palette, in order to constantly improve the routines.

A representative from Palette Help Desk is also present at the final project meeting, to explain how and where you can get support once the implementation project is terminated. Palette Help Desk also organizes a number of open training sessions throughout the year, for customers who feel the need to improve or refresh their knowledge of PaletteArena.

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